Survival Camping World is a dedicated survival and preparedness website that aims at promoting awareness when it comes to being self-reliant and more prepared in times of emergencies, disasters, nuclear strikes, terrorist attacks, alien invasions and other unforeseen calamities and events.

This survival and camping website commits to educate readers on ways to face threats and challenges in the wilderness and calamity situations.

Our website covers a wide range of topics on preparedness and survival. Some information we’re featuring here include topics on natural and manmade disasters, crime and urban disasters.

From time to time, we’re also going to feature topics on off grid strategies and techniques, which can help you and your loved ones to survive in the most trying times of disasters and crisis.

Other topics we can feature on this website include disaster preparedness, survival logistics, survival retreat locales, retreat home construction, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, trapping, fishing, hunting, emerging threats, nuclear disasters, survival vehicle modification and restoration and so many more.

We believe that education and knowledge is the key to survival! No one can stand a chance in disasters and emergencies without awareness on what to do and how to do it safely.



Survival Camping World believes that having the right gears for camping, wilderness adventures, emergencies and crisis makes the big difference. That is why our team is also dedicated to providing our readership with blog posts, guides and reviews about basic and advanced gears, tactical systems, tools and other survival equipment.


Living or staying away from home, you might find it hard to cope with the demands of the outside elements, including, rain or snow. And without proper camping knowledge, you might not be able to build fire and shelter, look for food and water and face any other wilderness challenge due to lack of survivalist/naturalist/prepper skills.


Survival Camping World is dedicated to provide you with the most recent survival practices and techniques for camping, outdoor adventure, hunting and fishing, among other skills for survival and off the grid living.

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Let us be guides in disaster and emergency preparedness. As you may know, surviving the most adverse situation is not all about having the gears you need but also about having real friends who can keep you informed and updated.

We’re here to deliver the most recent information every prepper needs in this modern world. On this site, we’re also be discussing survival techniques and strategies, reviewing weapons, survival and tactical gear, and other featuring other relevant tips and guides to help you and your loved ones become prepared. We are a team of individual having diverse backgrounds including on hardcore survival.

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